Specs for the Suzuki LT500

by Rob Kemmett
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In production from 1987 to 1990, the Suzuki LT500 is a popular off-road vehicle. Commonly known as "Quadzilla" because of its large size and heavy weight, the LT500's sheer power and massive size elevated it to legendary status in the off-roading community. Quadzilla riders may feel powerful, but this feeling is nothing compared to the power that sits beneath them.


The Suzuki LT500 is a very large ATV, measuring in at 75.6 inches long, 43.7 inches high and 47.4 inches wide. The wheelbase is 53 inches, and the seat height 31.1 inches on this 392 lbs. machine. The body type on the Quadzilla allows for a 4.3-inch clearance at the rear axle.

Engine and Transmission

The Quadzilla comes standard with a kick start engine activated by a Suzuki PEI (CDI-type) ignition system. Stock parts also include a Mikuni TM38SS flat slide carburetor, #520 chain, O-ring-sealed final drive and a five-speed, manual clutch transmission. The LT500 has a 3.4-gallon gas tank, including reserve.

Tires and Braking System

Stock tires for the LT500 are fully corded AT21x7-10s on the front and AT20x11-10s on the rear. The LT500 has a triple-hydraulic disc, single-piston caliper braking system. The front suspension allows for 9.1 inches of reverb and has a double A-arm with adjustable pre-loading. The rear suspension also allows for the same amount of reverb, along with full floater linkage, 21-way compression and 26-way rebound.

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