Specs on the Motorcraft BXT-65-750

by Fred Flanders
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The Motocraft BXT-65-750 is an automobile battery used in a number of different vehicles, including mid 2000’s model Ford Crown Victoria sedans. The battery itself was designed and engineered by the Ford Motor Company.


The Motorcraft BXT-65-750 is a heavy-duty battery with terminals located on the top of the unit. The battery has a CCA of 750 and a BCI Group of 65. The UPC for this model of battery is 31508259393.


The Motocraft BXT-65-750 is compatible with a number of different vehicle models from five different automobile manufacturers. It is compatible with Chrysler’s Aspen line of vehicles, a number of Dodge trucks and sport utility vehicles, over 900 models of Ford vehicles, over 100 models of Lincoln vehicles and a number of Mercury sedans.

Warranty Information

The Motorcraft BXT-65-750 comes with a warranty that includes 100 months of parts and replacement for the battery, as well as a three year, free replacement guarantee in the case of failure.

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