Specs for a 2002 Toyota Hilux

by Michelle Enos

The Hilux is a compact pickup truck manufactured by Toyota worldwide. The Hilux has been known by several different names at different times, including Trekker, 4Runner and Surf. The 2002 model is still available on the used market. The 2002 Hilux was produced in four models: KZN, RZN, LN and VZN. Specifications vary between these models.

Seating Capacity

Each model of the Toyota Hilux is available in variations of two seats, three seats or five seats, with the exception of the KZN, which is only available with five or two seats.

Engine Type

The LN has a diesel engine. The KZN has a diesel turbo engine. The VZN and RZN models use a multi-point fuel injection system.


The KZN has a maximum torque of 232 foot-pounds at 2,000 rpm. The LN has a max torque of 147 foot-pounds at 2,600 rpm. The VZN has a max torque of 214 foot-pounds at 3,600 rpm. The RZN has a max torque of 173 foot-pounds at 4,000 rpm. A higher torque figure at a lower engine rpm means the vehicle will respond with less power.


The maximum power of the KZN is 85 kW at 3,600 rpm, 71 kW at 4,000 rpm for the LN, 124 kW at 4,600 rpm for the VZN, and 108 kW at 4,800 rpm for the RZN. The lower the rpm needed for max power, the less the engine will need to work to achieve this power.

Engine Size and Cylinders

The KZN and LN engines displace 3.0 liters. The size of the VZN engine is 3.4 liters, and the size of the RZN engine is 2.7 liters. The engines in the KZN, LN and RZN all have four cylinders. The engine in the VZN has six cylinders.

Fuel Type

The KZN and LN models of the 2002 Toyota Hilux take diesel fuel, while the VZN and RZN models take unleaded gasoline.


Each model of the 2002 Toyota Hilux weighs 2,730 kilograms. The weight of a vehicle will affect the vehicle's fuel use, as a heavier vehicle will take more power to move.


The KZN, LN and VZN models of the 2002 Hilux all feature four-wheel drive, while the RZN has rear-wheel drive only. Four-wheel drive means the power from the engine goes to all four wheels, while in rear-wheel drive the power only goes to the two rear wheels, leaving the front two only for steering. Four-wheel drive is especially helpful while driving on the snow or ice.

Comfort & Safety

All versions of the 2002 Toyota Hilux are equipped with air conditioning and dual airbags, as well as anti-lock brakes.

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