What are the Specs for a 1987 Ford Bronco?

by Victoria Smoothens

The Ford Bronco is a sport utility vehicle produced over a 30-year span from 1966 to 1996. Out of five total Bronco generations, the 1987 Ford Bronco is the fourth. Models produced that year were known as the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco II; each offered a choice of two-wheel or four-wheel drive.


The fourth generation Ford Bronco was a full-size SUV with three engine choices: a 300 cubic inch, 4.9 L straight V-6; a 302 cubic inch, 4.9 L 302 V-8; or a 351 cubic inch, 5.8 L Windsor V-8. Models have three, four or five-speed automatic or manual engines with either six or eight cylinders.

Transmission and Measurements

The 1987 Ford Bronco offers two transmission options: the five-speed M5OD-R2 manual or the four-speed AOD automatic. This model has a wheelbase of 104.7 inches, a length of 180.5 inches, a width of 79.1 inches and a height of 74 inches.

Gas Mileage

Gas mileage during city driving varies from 10 to 17 miles per gallon, depending on the engine choice. On the highway, mileage runs anywhere from 12 to 22 mpg. The six-cylinder, four-wheel drive manual five-speed Ford Bronco II has the best city driving mileage, while the six-cylinder, two-wheel drive automatic four-speed Ford Bronco II sports the most impressive highway mileage.

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