Specifications of a Ford FL-500-S

by Louis Gutierrez
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The Ford FL-500-S is the engine oil filter used in most new Ford cars. It's being used in the 2011 models of the Ford Edge, Escape, Explorer, F-150, Flex, Fusion, Mustang and Taurus. It also is used in other Ford brands including most 2011 Lincolns, and it's even used in Jeep models.

Manufactured by Motorcraft

The Ford FL-500-S engine oil filter is the most commonly used model of filter used in the new Ford engines. It is manufactured by the official parts supplier for Ford, Motorcraft. Its OEM part number is AA5Z6714A, and it weighs 0.64 pounds.

Pressure-Relief Valve, Steel Case

The Ford FL-500-S engine oil filter's features include a pressure-relief valve and steel case. The pressure-relief valve helps minimize the chance of contaminated oil circulating back into the engine. The steel case, stronger than in previous models, is ironed for a precise fit and to ease removal.

Filter Media, Steel Center, Anti-Drain Back Valves

The large area of the filter provides optimal capacity and offers increased dirt-collecting capability. The perforated steel center on the FL-500-S is reinforced to help prevent the filter from collapsing under pressure. A silicone anti-drain back valve prevents the oil from draining out of the filter when the car is off, and is resistant to temperature changes.

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