Specifications of Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

by Susan Dorling

Dunlop is presently the only tire manufacturer producing motorcycle tires in the United States. With a wide range of tires for all motorcycle makes, models and applications, Dunlop tires are standard factory issue on Harley-Davidson, BMW, Buell, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory and Yamaha motorcycles. Motorcycles sporting Dunlops regularly outperform the competition in Motocross and Supercross Championships.

Sport Tires

"Accelerate Your Soul" is Dunlop's tagline -- designed to inspire excitement for riding street bikes, sport bikes and racing bikes equipped with Dunlop tires. There is a wide range of sport tires in the Dunlop line. Two of the most popular are the K591 and SportMax D211 DP. Originally designed for racing, the K591 is approved by Harley-Davidson for its sport models. Delivering optimal grip in both wet and dry weather, the K591 is a high-performing black-wall tire. The front tire size is 100/90-19 -- 26.10 inches overall diameter, 4.10 inches overall width with a full tread depth of 5/32 inches. The rear tire is available in three different 16-inch and 17-inch tires: 130/90B 16 -- 24.86 inches overall diameter, 5.35 inches overall width and 7/32-inch full tread depth; 150/80B 16 -- 25.25 inches overall diameter, 6.26 inches overall width and 7/32-inch full tread depth; 160/70B 17 -- 25.80 inches overall diameter, 6.48 inches overall width and 8/32-inch full tread depth. The SportMax D-211 GPA, adopted as the spec tire for AMA racing, is for racing and street sport bikes from 600 cc through 1,000 cc. Designed to match track conditions, the front tire is available in soft, medium or hard -- the rear tire is available in soft or medium. According to Dunlop, the SportMax provides exceptional drive out of corners, optimum linear steering at various lean angles and superb on-track handling. The rear tire also features Jointless Band (JLB) construction for cooler running with reduced tire growth and enhanced grip. The front tire is size 120/70ZR17, available in soft, medium or hard. It is 23.81 inches overall diameter,4.59 inches overall width with 5/32-inch full tread depth. The rear tire is available in soft and medium in size 190/55ZR17 -- 25.34 inches overall diameter, 7.83 inches overall width with 6/32-inch full tread depth.

Cruiser Tires

With only two wheels touching the ground, the quality of motorcycle tires plays a key role in rider safety and motorcycle performance. Dunlop manufactures many tires designed for cruisers. One of the most popular is the D401. Characterized by its ability to provide outstanding grip in both wet and dry conditions on a variety of road surfaces, the Dunlop D401 is designed exclusively for cruisers. An advanced tread pattern and specifically formulated compound impart exceptional grip in both wet and dry weather. D401 tires incorporate bias-belted construction with a computer-optimized tread profile providing long tire life. The front black sidewall tires are available in two sizes: 90/90-19 -- 25.85-inch overall diameter, 3.65-inch overall width and 5/32-inch full tread depth; 100/90-19 -- 26.45-inch overall diameter, 3.95-inch overall width and 6/32-inch full tread depth. The rear black walls are available in two sizes: 130/90B16 -- 25.40-inch overall diameter, 5.18-inch overall width and 12/32-inch full tread depth; 150/80B16 -- 25.45-inch overall diameter, 6.15-inch overall width and 10/32-inch full tread depth.

Touring Tires

Dunlop makes a wide range of tires for large touring motorcycles. One of the most popular is the Elite 3 Radial. Dunlop's Elite 3 Radial tires are designed to deliver optimal mileage and exceptional handling for most brands of touring motorcycles. Wet pavement and standing pools of water are tackled effortlessly due to the E3's high-tech tread pattern that consistently provides optimum performance in both wet and dry weather. The E3 front black-wall tire is available in the following sizes: 150/80R17 -- 26.77 inches overall diameter, 6.16 inches overall width and 5/32 inches full tread depth; 130/70R18 -- 25.26 inches overall diameter, 5.08 inches overall width and 6/32 inches full tread depth; 120/70R21 -- 27.61 inches overall diameter, 4.83 inches overall width and 6/32 inches full tread depth. The E3 rear blackwall tire is available in four sizes: 180/60R16 -- 24.39 inches overall diameter, 7.16 inches overall width and 9/32 inches full tread depth; 180/70R16 -- 26.06 inches overall diameter, 7.13 inches overall width and 10/32 inches full tread depth; 240/40R18 -- 25.91 inches overall diameter, 9.29 inches overall width and 12/32 inches full tread depth; 250/40R18 -- 26.20 inches overall diameter, 10.02 inches overall width and 8/32 inches full tread depth.

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