Specifications for a Cat 257 Skid Loader

by Andrew Cohen
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The Caterpillar is a versatile skid steer loader. A skid steer loader is a small-frame, engine-powered vehicle that is equipped with lift arms, to which an assortment of labor easing tools attach.

Engine Specifications

The Caterpillar 257 uses Caterpillar's 3024C engine that is capable of producing a maximum of 57 horsepower. The maximum pressure produced by this engine is 3,355 psi.

Weight Specifications

The Caterpillar 257 can carry a maximum of 1,615 pounds at a 35 percent tipping load, and a maximum of 2,310 pounds at a 50 percent tipping load. The curb weight of this skid-steer loader is 7,559 pounds.


The Cat 257 skid-steer loader is 66 inches wide and has a veritcal linkage system. The length of this machine's tracks, which it uses for mobility, is 59 inches. The arms of the 257 can reach a maximum height of 119 inches.

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