How to Sound-Deaden Your Car

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If you already have an elaborate sound system in your car or you intend to have one installed, you will want to do everything possible to block out road noise and to prevent vibration, resonance or rattling of the metal that can be caused by the playing of certain frequencies.

Gather the following tools: knife or scalpel, glue, hair dryer, roller, acetone and rags.

Leave the sound-deadening material out in the sun to get warm. This will make it more pliable and easier to work with.

Take out the seats, dashboard, door panels and carpet from the interior of the car and strip the carpet from the trunk.

Use the acetone to clean the metal surface of the floor, the firewall, the doors and the trunk.

Spray glue on to the metal surface, peel off the backing from the deadening material and apply the material to the metal surface. Use the roller to make certain that the material adheres to the surface. Use the hair dryer to heat up the material so that it stays pliable as you apply it.

Roll out any bubbles or bumps to make sure that the material is applied smoothly. If you are working on door panels that have ridges, make certain that the material fills the gaps, not just bridges them.

Replace the dashboard, door panels, carpet and seats.


  • check Experts in installation recommend that dampening material be laid out over the floor of the vehicle, in the door panels (especially in the areas where you plan to mount your speakers), in the wheel wells (to decrease the noise that comes from the tires) and in the trunk.

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