What Size Camper Shell Fits a 2003 Ford Ranger?

by Cole Alpaugh
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The Ford Ranger line, launched in March 1982 as '83 models, replaced the company's previous compact pickup, the Mazda-built Courier. The early Ranger trucks had straight-line styling, until the rounded look of the '89 model. In 1998, the model underwent further restyling, and Ford introduced the four-door SuperCab.

Regular Cab

The 2003 Ford Ranger regular cab came with the option of two bed lengths. Ford built all Flareside models with a length of 72 inches, while Styleside models measure either 72 or 84 inches. Both versions have a width of 54.3 inches.


All SuperCab models have 72-inch beds, matching the standard pickup box length. Major manufacturers offer a range of fiberglass camper shells, also known as caps, in custom designs to fit any size pickup. Smaller companies produce aluminum and canvas versions.


Whether confirming the length of a regular cab or considering a custom camper shell, truck owners must measure the inside dimensions at the top edge of the box to accurately determine the cab's length, before measuring the front width behind the cab, the back width at the tailgate, and the length from cab to tailgate.

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