How to Siphon Gas From a F150 Gas Tank

by Alisa Herrscher

If you have a car with gas in its tank that has broken down or need just a little more gas for the lawn mower, siphoning gas out of your Ford 150 is a solution to not let your gas go to waste. A siphon creates a vacuum and allows gas to flow out of a tube that is placed in the gas tank. As gas leaves the tube, the vacuum forces it to pull in new gas from the tank, creating a cycle which can drain a gas tank to near empty or siphon just the amount you need.

Step 1

Cut clear tubing at least 6 feet long. The tubing should be three-fourths to 1 inch in diameter for the best flow rate. If the tube is too, large it can be difficult to achieve the needed suction.

Step 2

Twist off the gas cap to the Ford F150 gas tank. Insert one end of the tube through the hole where you normally would place the gas station nozzle.

Step 3

Step onto the step stool which should be placed next to the Ford 150's gas tank. The free end of the hose needs to be higher than the end in the gas tank for the suction to work correctly.

Step 4

Put the free end of the hose in your mouth. Begin to suck on the end to draw the gasoline up through the tube.

Step 5

Watch the clear tube for the gas. To prevent accidently ingesting gas, suck slowly. When the gas is 2 inches away from your mouth, seal the end of the tube with your thumb.

Step 6

Lower the end of the tube that your thumb is sealing into an empty gas container. The gas container should be placed on the ground to ease the flow of gas into the container.

Step 7

Remove your thumb from the end of the tube to begin the flow of the gas.

Step 8

Crimp the hose to stop the flow. Let go to re-start the flow of gas if you need another container.

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