How to Set Points on Ferguson TE20 Tractors

by Kevin Mclain

The electrical points inside the distributor cap turn the ignition coil on and off. The ignition coil is the component that increases the voltage to the spark plugs. The electrical points are opened and closed by the lobe on the distributor shaft; each time the lobe contacts the points, the points open and close. To time the points to the ignition coil, you adjust the gap between the points.

Step 1

Park the Ferguson TE20 on a flat surface and turn the engine off with the transmission in gear. Place the wheel chocks in front of each rear wheel and behind each rear wheel. Move the gear shifter to the neutral position.

Step 2

Unsnap the hold-down clamps on the side of the distributor cap. Pull the distributor cap off and place it on the tractor seat.

Step 3

Locate the electrical points assembly inside of the distributor base. The points are made as one assembly. The points assembly has a single prong that moves up and down against the prong contact. The points assembly twill be secured next to the distributor shaft. The points have a prong that opens and closes as the distributor is turning. Inspect the prongs to ensure that they are in the open position. If not, bump the engine over by turning the key on and off until the points are in the open position.

Step 4

Loosen the points assembly hold-down screw with a flathead screwdriver. The hold-down screw is located to the side of the points assembly. Slide the end of a points feeler gauge under the points prong.

Step 5

Turn the adjustment screw located at the top of the points assembly clockwise with a flathead screwdriver until the single point prong is touching the feeler gauge. Continue turning the adjustment screw until the feeler gauge has a small amount of drag when moving the gauge in and out between the prong and the prong contact. The feeler gauge should move in and out between the prong and the contact with a small amount of drag to be properly adjusted.

Step 6

Tighten the points assembly hold down screw back down tight with the screwdriver and place the distributor cap back over the distributor base. Lock the distributor cap in place by pulling the hold-down clamps over the side of the cap.

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