How to Set the Clock in a Mini Cooper

by Cassandra Tribe
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Mini Coopers are popular cars, but some owners are frustrated that the Mini Cooper clock comes preset to military time rather than standard time. Without a manual, figuring out how to set the clock in a Mini Cooper is next to impossible. Unlike most car clocks, the clock in a Mini Cooper can only be set if you are holding the ignition key in a certain position. Once you know this trick, setting the clock is easy.

Step 1

Put your ignition key into the ignition, and turn it slowly until it clicks over into the first position and stop.

Step 2

Change the preset military time (where 1 p.m. will read as 13:00) to standard time by pressing the two buttons directly below the clock face simultaneously. If you want to keep the Mini Cooper clock set to military time, skip this step.

Step 3

Change the hour on your clock by pressing the left button. Each time you press the left button the hour will move forward one increment. If you want to fast-forward through the hours, hold the button down.

Step 4

Change the minutes on your Mini Cooper clock by pressing the right button beneath the clock. Press it once to move it ahead one minute and hold the button down to fast-forward through the minutes.

Step 5

Turn your ignition back off or turn it over to start the car. Your Mini Cooper clock is now set.

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