How to Service a Sun Roof in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Editorial Team

Performing routine maintenance on the sun roof of your Jeep Grand Cherokee will keep it functioning smoothly. Contact your local dealer if you experience leaking around your sun roof. There is a technical service bulletin regarding the need for new flashing to correct this problem, but no specific year models are listed.

Replace the Gasket

Step 1

Access the sun roof of your Jeep Grand Cherokee fully by removing the trim inside the vehicle and headliner.

Step 2

Remove the screws and bolts that fasten the sun roof to the body of your Cherokee. Unplug the power source from the rear of the sun roof.

Step 3

Pull the sun roof up and away from your Jeep Grand Cherokee. You might ask a friend or neighbor to help so you don't damage or scratch the sun roof or the vehicle.

Step 4

Lift the rubber gasket out from its trench and remove any rubber or adhesive with the plastic scraping tool. Check for rust inside the trench; if you find any, paint the trench with a coating of Rustoleum to prevent further corrosion.

Step 5

Install the new rubber seal, beginning with the outer lip and moving to the inner lip. Check the seal for bumps or wrinkles. Remove the seal at those locations and reinstall it. Continue this process until the seal is evenly seated in the trench on all sides.

Step 6

Set your sun roof back into it's original position and secure it to the body of your vehicle, stopping often to check for level. Remember to plug in the power source again.

Step 7

Return the interior headliner and interior trim to their original position.

Maintain Your Sun Roof

Step 1

Park your Jeep Grand Cherokee on a level surface and look at the sun roof. Make sure it's seated properly, not lifted or raised at one side or corner. If you see such warping, it's an indication the tracks need cleaning, or that the rubber seal needs to be replaced.

Step 2

Clean the rubber seal around the exterior of your sun roof with damp, lint-free cloth. Look for cracks, gaps or excessive wear in the seal. Replace it if you find such defects, to prevent leaks.

Step 3

Remove the interior trim and allow the cloth that covers the ceiling of your Jeep Grand Cherokee to drop down so you can access the tracks to your sun roof. Use compressed air to blow out debris and treat the tracks with 3-In-One Lubricant, as per your owner's manual.

Step 4

Locate the four drain tubes that remove excess water from your sun roof. Use compressed air to blow any debris or clogs from the drains. Two of these tubes drain to the front of your vehicle and two drain to the rear, usually behind the tail lights. Check your owner's manual for exact locations.

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