How to Service a Reefer Trailer

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A reefer is a refrigerated container truck used to haul perishable cargo. Reefer trailers are powered with diesel-powered generators that attach directly to the reefer container. Most of them are cooled by ventilation units that blow cool air around the cargo.

Check the UA number, the heat transmission rate, on your reefer trailer.

Inspect the insulation deterioration. Make sure the insulation is Aerothane foam, a closed cell foam with an inert gas inside the bubbles.

Examine the Aerothane foam for wetness, if it is wet it cannot work properly and will need to be replaced.

Crawl on top of the roof of the reefer trailer and examine the material used. Heat from the sun can hamper the cooling process inside the reefer container.

Swap the aluminum roof of the reefer container out and replace it with a Solar Guard. Solar Guard is made of plastic and will limit the radiation from the sun.

Investigate the wiring of the air circulation unit. Also be aware of the tire inflation measurements and axel spacing needed for the tonnage of the cargo.


  • check Go slow and make a list of all areas that need to be serviced and then check them off one by one as they are repaired.


  • close When climbing on the roof of a reefer trailer have a spotter and use work gloves.

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