How to Sell Used Car Rims

by Steve Smith
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Used car rims can sell fast. In demand for custom vehicles, these car parts can be posted on one of several motor and parts classified sites. It takes minutes to post an advertisement online and about an hour of research to find the right price on any rim. Sell them at a fair price or trade for other car parts.

Step 1

Price your rims. Determine a range of prices for rims with similar features, such as a chrome exterior, carbon fiber or free-spinning hub caps. Visit Ebay Motors, or your local Craigslist site and find the low and high prices on two similar rims. Add them together and divide by two.

Step 2

Post advertisement on Ebay Motors, Craigslist, or your local newspaper's classified section. List every rim feature, including the exterior finish, rim diameter and width. Measure the rim diameter and width with a tape measure and multiply by 24.5 to find the metric measurement in millimeters if you don't know what it is.

Step 3

Size the wheels using a rim guide. List every car the rim fits on in your ad to further peak buyers' interest. Rim guides size rims and fit them to certain makes and models of cars. See resources for a rim guide.

Step 4

Set the price reasonably to attract offers and entice buyers. Set it below the mid range, which you previously calculated by visiting classified sites. Accept offers as they are submitted to you either by email through one of the internet sites or by phone from the classified listing.

Step 5

Accept the offer and complete the sale by taking payment for your car rims. Accept only cash or a cashier's check from a local bank you recognize.

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