The Saturn SC2 Air Won't Cool

by Cayden Conor

The air conditioning system in the Saturn SC2 is made of several components, including the air compressor, condenser, evaporator, drying or accumulator, orifice tube or expansion valve, and the high- and low-pressure hoses. If the system doesn't cool, you must diagnose all the components -- there could be a leak or one of the components may not be working properly.

Drive the vehicle to a shop certified in air conditioning. Have them hook the gauges up to the system to see if there is Freon in the system. If there is Freon, the problem is in one of the components. If the low-pressure side is high, there is probably a blockage, in which case, the Freon must be evacuated, then the dryer or accumulator and the orifice tube must be replaced. If the system has no Freon, have the shop put Freon into the system.

Turn on the leak detector. Turn the air conditioning on high. Hold the leak detector at the vent in the cab, after making sure that cold air is coming out of the vent. If the leak detector senses Freon, it will make a long tone, which means the evaporator is leaking. Repair the evaporator.

Open the hood. Check the compressor, condenser, dryer or accumulator, and high- and low-pressure lines for leaks. The leak detector will make a long tone if you find a leak. Repair the leaking parts.


  • check An air conditioning system cannot be tested if it does not have Freon in it. If the Freon leaks out too fast to determine where the leak is with the leak detector, a certified tech can inject dye into the system, along with Freon. The dye will turn the leaking area green.
  • check If the air conditioning system is not cooling, and there is no blockage, and the system has the proper amount of Freon in it, the compressor is not working properly. Replace the compressor.


  • close If you replace any component in the system, you must also replace the accumulator or dryer and the orifice tube or expansion valve, depending which system your year Saturn has. The dryer and accumulator look the same - what it is called depends on where in the system it is located. If you ask for a dryer and your car has an accumulator, the parts store will give you the proper part. If you ask for an orifice tube and your year Saturn uses an expansion valve, the parts store will tell you that it uses the expansion valve and will sell you the appropriate part.

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