How to Safely Remove an E-ZPass From a Windshield

by Steven Lacher
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Every E-ZPass transponder includes a set of adhesive mounting strips used to affix the unit to your windshield. These mounting strips are 3M Dual Lock brand adhesive tape, which grip four times more strongly than Velcro. Like Velcro, Dual Lock strips are designed to be resealable. While Dual Lock strips are coated with a strong adhesive, permanent removal of the strips can be done without harming your windshield.

Step 1

Grasp your transponder firmly at one corner and lift until the Dual Lock strips separate. The two mounting strips will remain on your windshield.

Step 2

Wrap your transponder in foil or the original Mylar bag it was shipped in, prior to storing or mailing your transponder back to the E-ZPass Service Center.

Step 3

Heat the two mounting strips on your windshield using the hairdryer. This will warm the adhesive under the strips, making them more pliable.

Step 4

Grip the strip's corner with the needle nose pliers and slowly remove the strip using a rolling motion.

Step 5

Apply WD40 to any remaining residue on your windshield after removing the strips. Make sure to wipe the glass clean.

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