The Rim Size for a 2000 Toyota Corolla

by Richard Rowe

Fact is, Toyota's trademark compact sedan is a bit too deliberately vanilla to be cool. The Corolla isn't ugly, but it isn't pretty either. It's not unbearably slow, nor is it fast. It's not too big, or too small, too black or too white. It's just...inoffensive. But nothing cool fails to offend someone. So, a set of hater-positive rims might be a good place to start if you're looking to transform your vanilla bean into a red hot chili pepper.

Rim Sizes

All models came with 14-inch diameter, 6-inch-wide rims, offered in both steel and alloy forms. The base CE and VE models used 175/65SR14 tires, and upgraded LE models used wider 185/65SR14 tires. Stock offset is 35 mm, but aftermarket rims can go as high as 40 mm. A set of 7.5-inch rims will fit in the Corolla's wheel arches, allowing you to use pretty sizable 205 mm -- 8-inch wide -- tires. Stock tire diameter is about 23.5 inches. Assuming you're using 7.5-inch-wide rims and 8-inch wide tires, you could get away with full-on, pimp-my-ride 205/20ZR20 tires on 20-inch rims.

About the Author

Richard Rowe has been writing professionally since 2007, specializing in automotive topics. He has worked as a tractor-trailer driver and mechanic, a rigger at a fire engine factory and as a race-car driver and builder. Rowe studied engineering, philosophy and American literature at Central Florida Community College.