How to Rhino Spray a Liner

by SaraHaley

Rhino Linings are known for their long-lasting, high-quality finish for truck beddings. Instead of installing a plastic liner for your vehicle, Rhino Linings are sprayed directly onto the bedding or trailer to create a lining that will handle most wear and tear, weather, abuse and scratches. Not only will it not warp, rust, or corrode, it can also add value to your automobile because of it's high durability and quality.


Remove any additional hardware or accessories that you have installed in your truck. These can be reinstalled after you have sprayed on your new Rhino Lining.


Clean the bed well with a high-quality vehicle cleaner. Making sure the bedding is clean will allow your spray-on liner to adhere nicely to your bedding.


Sand the bedding to create a rough surface. This ensures that your Rhino Lining will create a nice, permanent bond onto the truck bedding.


Mask off the edges of the truck bed that you do not want to be sprayed. You can do this with some simple masking tape and newspapers to ensure that Rhino Lining is not sprayed where you do not want it.


Spray on the Rhino Lining with the appropriate sprayer and spray product. Rhino has an education class which can make you a licensed Rhino Lining Applicator, and they recommend the products that you should use in these training programs.


Remove all of the masking tape and paper that you used to cover up unwanted areas on your truck.


Allow the liner to dry for a 24 hours, to ensure that it is ready to use.


Ensure the entire bedding area is complete, and reinstall any hardware or accessories that you removed.

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