How to Restore Rusty Motorcycle Chrome Fenders

by William Zane

Chrome is used as a decorative finish, as well as protective finish, on motorcycle fenders. It makes parts made from steel look much shinier and protects the metal from the elements. If you do not properly care for chrome motorcycle fenders, over time they can rust. And eventually, if you do not remove the rust from the fender, the rust can cause permanent damage by pitting the metal. If the metal is pitted and the chrome is flaking off, you must rechrome the fender.


Wash the fenders with soap and water, then rinse them thoroughly with a hose. Do not use an abrasive cleaner, since this may damage the chrome. Chrome is relatively durable but can scratch easily.


Dry the fenders with a clean dry rag. Spray or wipe on a chrome cleaner like Turtle Wax Chrome Polish and Rust Remover (see Resources). Use a very fine steel wool to gently scrub the rusted areas. Repeat until you have removed as much of the rust as possible using this technique.


Wipe any remaining rust off with white vinegar or rubbing alcohol and a clean, dry rag.


Polish the fenders with a high-quality chrome polish to restore the shine and depth of the chrome. Buff the fenders thoroughly with a clean, dry rag.


  • Wash and polish the fenders regularly to keep them in good shape.

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