How to Restore Etched Auto Glass

by KellyB

Etching is a problem that occurs to glass as a result of exposure to hard water, sharp pieces and other foreign matter coming into contact with the fine surface of the glass. Auto glass, such as windshields and windows, can suffer from all of these sorts of damage and not only detract from the look of your vehicle, but also impair your ability to safely see through the glass. Instead of putting in a new piece of glass in place of the etched pieces, you can restore it easily yourself.

Step 1

Pour a small amount of glass restoration polish onto a glass-buffing pad. Start with an amount the size of a coin and add more as you need it.

Step 2

Start in one corner of the glass and rub the pad in small, even circles to work in the polish. Apply more polish to the pad as it dries out, working the polish completely into the glass.

Step 3

Spray a thin coat of glass cleaner over the glass and rub it clean with a dry towel. Remove any traces of the polish from the glass by rubbing it with the towel.

Step 4

Wet the entire surface of the glass and dry it with a squeegee. Make sure the glass is completely dry.

Step 5

Look over the glass for any remaining etching or traces of polish. Use additional polish to get rid of the stubborn etching and wash down any residue with water and a squeegee.

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