How to Restore Chevy Trucks

by Max Quigley
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Restoring a Chevy is a major project. Depending on the condition of your truck, it could take months of hard work. The final product, however, is worth every minute spent working on one of these classic trucks.

Step 1

Obtain the owner's manual. It can be purchased from the manufacturer, or you may be able to find it for free online, depending on how old your Chevy is. The owner's manual is necessary because it will detail exactly how the truck is put together and it will illustrate how to take apart the various pieces.

Step 2

Strip the interior of the truck. Remove the seats, dashboard and steering wheel. Check for broken, missing or rusted parts. Clean off any rust using sandpaper and purchase all new parts, either from a garage or online.

Step 3

Strip the exterior down to the frame of the Chevy. Store the parts neatly so that you know exactly where each piece is. Use a sandblaster or sandpaper to remove any rust. Check for broken or missing pieces and purchase them online or from a garage. If the grille of your specific Chevy is missing and you don't know which one to buy, there are numerous online resources that deal specifically with Chevys and their components.

Step 4

Remove the engine using an engine hoist. Check the engine for any missing or broken parts and purchase all of them. Now clean the engine. This is the most difficult part of restoring a Chevy because it can damage the engine. First, clean off any large debris with a toothbrush. Cover all electrical parts, the air intake and the carburetor with plastic bags and secure them tightly with rubber bands. Wash the entire engine with soapy water. Then rinse it thoroughly with a garden hose, making sure the entire time that no water enters vulnerable areas.

Step 5

Paint the Chevy its original color. This paint can be purchased online, from the manufacturer or from a garage. You may want to have it painted professionally if you have no previous experience painting cars or trucks.

Step 6

Reassemble the Chevy. Reconstruct the interior first, and then move on to the exterior, fitting all newly acquired parts. Use the engine hoist to place the engine back into the frame of the truck.

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