How to Reset the Light Tire Pressure in an Impala

by Kerry Gatz

The Chevrolet Impala has a tire pressure monitor system that notifies the driver of significant changes in the pressure of the tires. The system is originally calibrated by driving the vehicle with correct tire pressure over a 45 to 90 minute time period at differing speeds. This calibration is cumulative so the driving need not happen all at one time. The system "learns" and remembers the proper tire pressure in each of the three speed ranges of 15-40 mph, 40-65, and above 65, until it is re-calibrated. When the driver is alerted to low tire pressure it is necessary to check all the pressure on each tire, since more than one may be low, and then reset the system by one of the two following methods.

The Light Method

Step 1

Turn the ignition to the on position.

Step 2

Pull and push the headlight switch on and off three times.

Step 3

The tire pressure monitoring system is now reset and will recalibrate as you drive.

The Radio Method

Step 1

Turn the ignition to on and turn the radio to off.

Step 2

Push the TUNE DISPL button on the radio and hold for 5 seconds or until the display shows settings.

Step 3

Press the SEEK PSCAN button to scroll through the options until TIRE MON is displayed.

Step 4

Press the 1 PREV or 2 NEXT button to open another menu where RESET will be seen.

Step 5

Press the TUNE DISPL to reset the tire pressure system. You will hear a chime to confirm it has been reset. DONE will be seen on the screen for one second.

Step 6

Scroll until EXIT appears and press TUNE DISPL to finish. A chime will be heard to confirm the exiting. The tire pressure system will recalibrate as you drive.

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