How to Reset the Engine Light in the 2000 Toyota Corolla

by Eric Grosso

Resetting the engine light is one of the most common repairs for vehicle owners, also being one of the easiest. After a dashboard warning light is triggered by the computer, it can often stay illuminated long after the corresponding engine problem has been fixed. However, the computer, along with its engine trouble codes, can be easily reset without visiting a dealer or professional mechanic. Resetting the computer in a 2000 Toyota Corolla takes only a few minutes.

Pull the hood latch release, near the bottom of the driver side door. Lift open the hood and place the hood prop under the hood to support it.

Unscrew the negative battery cable from the battery terminal with a wrench. After loosening the bolt on the battery cable terminal, lift the cable from the battery post and position it so it is not touching any part of the post. The negative battery cable is the black cable. Wait 10 minutes for the computer to reset.

Attach the negative battery cable to the battery terminal with a wrench.

Remove the hood prop from the underside of the hood and close the hood.

Start the vehicle in a well-ventilated area. Let it run for 10 minutes in park at idle. This will allow the computer to learn the proper idling rpm.

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