How to Reset the Airbag Light on a Hyundai

by Katebo
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You can easily reset the airbag light on your Hyundai from home using a handheld pocket scanner. These are also called code readers or code erase tools. Make sure you get the on-board diagnostics II, OBD II, code reader not the OBD I for your Hyundai. These readers are relatively affordable, but you can also have your local auto parts retailers scan your car for free to read and erase the codes from the OBD computer.

Step 1

Find the diagnostic-link connector underneath the driver's side of the car on the dashboard. Examine the shape of this receptive port and then compare it to your OBD II code reader to make sure the plug will fit into the connector. If the shapes match, plug the reader into the DLC.

Step 2

Put the key into the ignition and turn it two clicks forward to the "On" position. Make sure the engine does not start.

Step 3

Turn on the OBD II code reader and use the arrows to navigate the menu. Write down the codes it displays and turn off the code reader. Unplug it from the DLC.

Step 4

Take the codes and your vehicle to a qualified mechanic to have the airbag system looked at and repaired.

Step 5

Plug the OBD II code reader back into the DLC and put the key into the ignition, turning it to the "On" position. Turn on the code reader and move the arrows on the menu to the "Erase" function and then press "Enter".

Step 6

Remove the OBD II code reader from the DLC and start the engine. Look at the instrument panel to make sure the airbag light turned off.

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