Replacing a Dodge Neon Fuel Filter

by Chris Moore

Relieve the Fuel System Pressure

Remove the fuel cap to relieve any pressure within the fuel tank. Open the power distribution center fuse box in the engine compartment, which is near the battery and air filter. Remove the fuel pump relay from the distribution center. Start the engine and let it run until it stops. Switch off the ignition and disconnect the negative battery cable.

Locate the Fuel Filter and Fuel Pump

Raise the Neon's rear end on jack stands. Remove the panel inside the trunk covering the fuel pump assembly. The fuel filter should be on top of this. On most Dodge Neons the filter is usually directly attached to the fuel pump. In that case, those two parts should not be separated and should be replaced together.

Remove the Filter or Pump

Disconnect the two lines that connect the fuel pump/filter to the fuel tank and the fuel injectors. If the filter is only connected and not attached to the pump, disconnect the lines connecting the filter to the pump and injectors. These lines are held by locking rings that can require a special spanner to remove. Remove all disconnected parts from the assembly.

Install the New Pump/Filter

Install the replacement fuel filter, or fuel pump with a filter attached, onto the assembly. If you need a pump and filter, ask for a new fuel pump for your year Dodge Neon at any auto parts store, and it should come with a fuel filter attached. Connect the lines to the tank (or pump) and injectors and tighten the locking rings.

Pressurize the Fuel System

Reconnect the fuel pump relay to the power distribution center and place the fuel cap back on. Turn the ignition key to the "On" position without starting the car and listen for the fuel pump to buzz. Turn the key off after two seconds or when the pump shuts off, wait five seconds, then repeat. Do this at let three times to pressurize the system.

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