How to replace your headliner

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Is the automotive fabric in your vehicle's headliner begining to sag? Don't spend hunderes of dollars at a repair shop. You can do this your self.

Roll down windows and open both doors.

Remove your front seats. Remove trim from around the headliner. Remove the dome light and sun visors. Remove rear view mirror (if attached to the headliner). The headliner should come down now. There may be Velcro or double sided tape holding it in the center.

Remove material from cardboard. Clean off old glue and foam backing from cardboard.

Measure and trim material to fit cardboard. Spray 3M adhesive to cardboard in a heavy coat. Place material on cardboard. Smooth out with a rolling pin.

Let dry for 24 hours. Re-install headliner.


  • check The headliner board can be taken out in one piece by curving or bending it, but only if this is done slowly and carefully. Bending the board too abruptly will cause the board to crack


  • close As a standard safety precaution, always disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable before you begin work on any electrical or mechanical components.
  • close Bending the board too abruptly will cause the board to crack
  • close Take your time as you remove the headliner board. The corners of the board are the areas most likely to break.

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