How to Replace Spark Plug Wires on a Buick Park Avenue

by Christian Killian

Changing spark plug wires on a Buick Park Avenue is a simple way to improve the driveability of your vehicle. You can change them very quickly and easily with no special tools. Faulty spark plugs can cause the engine to run poorly, lower fuel efficiency and make the vehicle start hard. Rain or wet weather can also cause the car to run poorly if the wires are bad. The wires can crack and allow moisture to seep in, causing a short and allowing the high-voltage electricity to leak and arc across the wires. You can buy a new set of spark plug wires at your local auto parts store or source them through the dealership.


Locate the spark plug wires on the top of the motor. Depending on the year of your Buick, they may run to a distributor or a coil pack. Either way, the process is the same.


Pick one wire and remove it from the distributor and then follow it down to the spark plug. Remove the wire from the spark plug by carefully pulling the boot off the spark plug.


Match the old wire up to the new wires and find the one that is the same length. Apply a small amount of dielectric grease inside both boots and install it on the distributor and spark plug.


Move to the next spark plug wire and repeat the process. You need to keep replacing the wires one at a time until all the wires have been replaced.


Test-run the engine after changing all the wires to ensure that the engine is running correctly.


  • close Never remove more than one wire at a time or you may confuse the firing order and the engine will not run correctly.

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