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How to Replace a Wheel Stud in a Honda Accord

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Once in a while, when you change a tire, something disasterous occurs. Usually the disaster invovles a broken or stripped stud. At that point, you know that as soon as it's feasible you need to replace the wheel stud in your Honda Accord. The task is not one that most people love to do, but it needs quick attention.

Look in the trunk under the piece of carpet that covers the spare tire for the spare and the jack. You'll need the jack to replace the wheel stud on the Honda Accord. Don't forget to block the tire diagonal to the area you jack.

Purchase a new stud for the wheel. If you don't know the right size, wait until you can take the stud to the store with you.

Jack up the car and block the tire diagonal to the area that you jack. Remove the tire, then the calipers and the rotor in order to access the hub. The rear brakes can be either drum or disc. If they're drum brakes, you need to take off the hub and put it in a vise.Remove the cable for the emergency brakes, which is attached to the rear wheel, if you need to replace the stud there.

Look for an open space at the back of the hub that gives enough room for you to remove and replace the stud. Line the hole and the stud up so you can remove and replace it easier.

Hit the wheel stud with a mallet to drive it out the back of the hub. Put the new wheel stud into the same opening.

Place two wheel bolts on the stud. Tighten these down so they pull the stud through the hole and makes it seat against the back of the hub. Use an impact wrench if you have one, so the job's easier.

Take off both bolts and start the process to replace the parts you took off the wheel. If you replace the stud on your Honda Accord, it may be a good idea to get a new wheel nut also.

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