How to Replace Valve Cover Gasket in a Mazda6

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If you start to see oil leaks coming from your Mazda 6, consider replacing your valve cover gasket. Before you start, make sure the engine is cool. Lift the hood and let the car sit for several hours.

Disconnect the battery cable. Remove the PCV Valve and the tubing from the intake. Using the 10mm socket and extension, remove the valve cover gasket bolts.

Remove the valve cover. Remove the old valve cover gasket. This can be accomplished by using a flathead screwdriver and a slight push to pry the old gasket out of the seating area.

Prepare the valve head for resealing. Using automotive engine cleaner and a brush, clean the area where the old gasket previously sat. Remove any particles and oil. Check the corners to ensure that all remnants have been removed from the area.

Place the new valve cover gasket into the seating area. Apply sealant on the valve head. Put the valve cover back in its place. Replace the valve cover gasket bolts in sequence.

Put oil in the car and start the engine. Let the car run for about 10 to 15 minutes allowing the oil to flow to the head.

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