How to Replace Tiller Drive Belts

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There are two types of tillers in the world the ones with blades up front and the ones with blades in the rear. The kind with blades in the rear are run by transmissions, are fully enclosed and run by gears, but the ones with blades in the front usually have belts to run them. These belts wear and often need to be replaced. Here is how to do it.

Remove the metal shielding from around the drive belt assembly.

Release the tension on the belt pulley assembly by loosening the bolt that holds the tension arm in place.

Take the old belt off and take it with you to the auto-parts store to make sure you get exactly the right belt.

Place the new belt onto the drive pulleys. Check to see if the belt is marked to rotate in a certain direction that is facing the right way.

Use a pry-bar to apply tension to the tension arm as you tighten the tension-bolt back in place. Be sure that the belt is under tension when in gear and the belt spins freely when the clutch is engaged.

Replace the drive belt assembly cover back in its spot over the belt and pulleys.


  • check Things with steel belting in them like, tires and engine belts that you might find on a tiller are meant to rotate in a certain direction and if they are installed backwards they may fly apart under high speed.

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