How to Replace the Power Steering Belt on a Honda Accord

by Carl Pruit

The power steering belt on your Honda Accord is not difficult to replace. It is easiest to reach the bolts on the power steering pump from underneath the vehicle, where you can do the repairs much quicker. The power steering pump has a tensioner adjustment screw that allows the belt to be loosened just by turning the bolt. Replacing the power steering belt on your Honda Accord should take only about an hour or two to complete.

Step 1

Drive the Honda Accord forward onto car ramps, and then put the transmission into park. Place a 4-by-4 inch wood block behind one of the rear tires to keep the vehicle from rolling back.

Step 2

Slide underneath the vehicle engine and remove the cowling under the passenger side of the engine by unfastening the bolts with a metric socket wrench. Once the bolts are loose, take the cowling out from under the engine and set it aside.

Step 3

Locate the alternator and loosen the alternator bolt with an open-end wrench. Once the alternator is loose, pull it forward to loosen the alternator belt and remove the belt from the pulley.

Step 4

Locate the bolt on the power steering pump pulley that relieves the tension on the belt and use a socket wrench with an extension to turn the bolt. Continue turning the bolt until the power steering pump belt is loose enough to remove.

Step 5

Take the belt off the pulley and discard the old belt. Place the new power steering pump belt on the pulleys and turn the tension bolt on the pulley with a socket wrench to tighten the belt.

Step 6

Place the alternator belt back on the alternator pulley and pull back on the alternator with a pry bar to apply tension to the belt. Use the open-end wrench to tighten the alternator bolt while keeping the tension on the belt.

Step 7

Reattach the cowling underneath the passenger side of the engine with the bolts, and then remove the wood block from the rear tire of the vehicle.

Step 8

Drive the Honda Accord backward off the car ramps and place the car in park while leaving the engine running. Inspect the power steering pump belt visually to verify it is working properly.

Step 9

Shut off the motor when you are satisfied that the belt is attached correctly.

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