How to Replace a Starter Motor in a Mitsubishi Eclipse

by Zyon Silket
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In time, starters begin to wear out. The starter has a lot of moving parts and when just one of those parts wear out, the engine on your Mitsubishi Eclipse will not start. The most common part to wear out is the solenoid and the starter gear. Solenoids are replaceable, but you have to pull the starter out of the car to replace it. The gear is also replaceable, but it requires a starter rebuild. Most people opt for a new starter to obtain a warranty for the starter.

Step 1

Remove the negative battery cable from the battery with an adjustable wrench.

Step 2

Place the front end of the Eclipse on two jack stands so you can get under the vehicle. The easiest way to access the starter is raising the front of the vehicle and crawling under it to change the starter. However, you can remove the air cleaner ductwork and reach the starter without getting under the car. To do so, remove the band clamps that hold the ductwork to the throttle body and to the air filter box. With the ductwork removed, look down between the engine and the radiator to find the starter.

Step 3

Remove the solenoid electrical harness from the starter. Push the locking tab inward and pull the plastic harness off the starter solenoid.

Step 4

Remove the nut that holds the ground wire to the back of the starter with an adjustable wrench. Pull the wire off the stud and thread the nut back onto the stud to prevent losing the nut.

Step 5

Locate the two starter mounting bolts on the back of the bell housing. Remove the bolts with a ratchet and socket. Hold the starter in place with one hand while you remove the bolts with the other to prevent the starter gear from jamming into the flywheel. Jamming could damage the flywheel teeth.

Step 6

Pull the starter out of the bell housing. Pull any shims off the base of the starter and transfer them to the new starter.

Step 7

Push the starter into place. Turn the starter to mesh the starter gear with the flywheel in the bell housing. Turn the starter until the bolt holes in the starter and bell housing line up.

Step 8

Hold the starter in place and thread the two bolts from the back of the bell housing to secure the starter into place. Tighten the bolts to 30 ft-lbs.

Step 9

Remove the nut from the end of the starter and slide the black wire onto the stud. Replace the bolt and tighten it to 30 ft-lbs.

Step 10

Reconnect the wiring harness to the starter solenoid.

Step 11

Place the air cleaner ductwork onto the throttle body and secure the band clamp. Place the other end of the ductwork onto the air cleaner box and secure it with the band clamp. If you did not remove the ductwork, skip this step.

Step 12

Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery.

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