How to Replace the Starter on a Lexus Ls400

by Carl Pruit

In today's economy, the price of having your car repaired by an automotive mechanic is becoming out of reach for many people. But you still need to keep your vehicle running in top shape. So, what do you do when you are experiencing starter problems on your Lexus Ls400? If you have some experience with basic automotive mechanics, you will be able to replace the starter on your Ls400 and save yourself the expense of putting your car in the shop.

Step 1

Remove negative battery cable from battery. Locate starter on your Lexus Ls400. It should be mounted to the firewall, in the center under the intake manifold. Begin by removing the V-Bank cover on the back of the engine.

Step 2

Remove the air cleaner inlet and intake air connector. You will see both of these located on back of engine. Remove throttle body assembly and then remove left hand timing belt cover. Note: Do not remove timing belt itself.

Step 3

Remove the intake manifold assembly located on the top, left side of the engine from the front, along with the hoses, wires and tubes connected to the manifold. Again, make sure to mark each piece for easy reinstalling.

Step 4

Detach electrical cables on starter and loosen bolts on starter by using metric socket wrench. Remove starter from engine compartment. Connect new starter to firewall and secure bolts with metric socket wrench. Attach electrical cables to starter.

Step 5

Reinstall intake manifold assembly with hoses, wires and tubes. Make sure all parts are attached to manifold before moving to another part. Reattach left hand timing belt cover, throttle body assembly, intake air connector and air cleaner inlet. When everything is reattached, double check to make sure you haven't missed anything. Attach negative battery cable to battery. Remove all tools from engine compartment and close hood.

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