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How to Replace the Springs in a Ford Focus

by Contributor

The Ford Focus is a compact car introduced by Ford for the year 2000. The Ford Focus is produced in multiple configurations. Replacing the springs on the Focus doesn't require special tools. The Focus suspension features coil springs in the front and rear.

Step 1

Raise the Focus and block the wheels with jack stands. The procedure for replacing the front and rear springs is essentially the same. The negative cable on the battery needs to be disconnected when replacing the front springs.

Step 2

Attach the spring compressor to the coil springs with adapters. Exercise caution as the spring carries a great deal of energy and is potentially dangerous if not handled properly.

Step 3

Remove the spring and carefully take it off the compressor.

Step 4

Attach the compressor to the new coil spring. It is not necessary to use a Ford manufactured spring.

Step 5

Put the new spring on the Ford Focus. Repeat the procedure for all four wheels.

Lower the vehicle after double checking to be certain all parts have been returned to their original positions. Reconnect the battery cable.

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