How to Replace a Front Signal Light on a Toyota RAV4

by Rex Molder

Many drivers fail to check their lights and turn signals regularly. Often, a traffic stop is the first indication that you have a bulb burnt out. If you are one of the few who do check, and you find that you have a front turn signal not working on your Toyota RAV4, in about 15 minutes you can solve the problem. The turn signal is part of the front headlight assembly, accessed from the engine compartment.

Open the hood and remove the engine compartment cover. This is the plastic piece that covers the front part of the engine, designed to protect you from the fan. It is held in place by nine plastic clips. To remove the clips, insert a small, flat-blade screwdriver under the center portion of the clip and lift it up. This releases the clip, and you can now pull it out with your fingers or a pair of pliers. If you are only changing the bulb on one side of your RAV4, you may find it unnecessary to totally remove the cover.

Locate the turn signal socket on the back of the headlight assembly. There are three sockets in total, including the headlight high and low beam sockets. The turn signal socket is the one closest to the outside of the car. Grasp the socket and turn it counterclockwise to release it. Pull it out of the headlight assembly.

Remove the old bulb by pulling it straight out of the socket. Insert the new bulb into the socket.

Reinsert the socket into the headlight assembly, and turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Check to ensure the bulb is working before you replace the engine compartment cover.

Replace the engine compartment cover. Put the cover in place. Insert the clips into the holes. Once you have all the clips inserted, push down the center portion on all the clips to lock them into place.


  • check Keep a few spare bulbs and a small screwdriver in the glove compartment so you can change a bad bulb as soon as possible.

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