How to Replace a Side Mirror Assembly

by Zyon Silket

The side view mirror assembly is the large plastic shell in which the side view mirror is mounted. The method for mounting the mirror in an injection-molded mirror assembly is the standard method for most late-model production vehicles, both domestic and import. Most side view mirrors attach to the car in the same manner.

Remove the cover that hides the mounting nuts and the wiring harness for the side view mirror. Locate the cover inside the door at a spot directly opposite from where the mirror mounts to the outside of the door. The cover usually has small tabs that hold it on to the door panel. Remove it by pulling it out.

Disconnect the wiring harness from the mirror by pulling the two connectors apart. Usually the connector has a small locking tab that holds the two pieces together. Pull up on the tab before separating the connectors. If your mirror adjusts manually, skip this step.

Hold the mirror while you remove the three nuts that secure the mirror to the door. Loosen the nut with a socket and remove the nut from the stud with your fingers to avoid dropping one of the nuts inside the door.

Pull the used mirror out of the door. Slide the new mirror into the door. Do not scratch the door with the threaded studs.

Secure the mirror to the door by threading the nuts back onto the posts with your fingers. Tighten the nuts with the socket.

Reconnect the wiring harness by pushing the two ends together. Push the locking tab down.

Place the cover back onto the door, and press it into place with the ball of your hand.

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