How to Remove the Door Panel on a Honda CRV

by Christian Killian

Removing the interior door panel from your Honda CR-V will allow you to access the internal workings of the door and window. Whether the window regulator, the lock mechanism or the mechanical linkage for the handles and latches, it is all buried inside the door. When removing the panel, be sure you have a safe place to store it while you work so no damage is done to the panel. If you are replacing the panel with a new one, this is not a concern.

Step 1

Open the door and lower the window before you start working. Remove the speaker cover from the door panel using a flat tool to pry it off the door. Set the cover aside and locate the three screws behind the panel. Remove the three screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 2

Locate the three screws in the front of the armrest and remove them with a Phillips screwdriver. Set the screws aside.

Step 3

Pry the four clips along the bottom of the panel loose with a flat pry tool or trim stick. The clips may break but are replaceable. New clips are available from the dealer.

Step 4

Locate the clip on the upper panel near the mirror. Pry it loose with a flat pry tool or a trim stick.

Step 5

Pull the bottom of the door panel out slightly and lift the panel off the window track at the top of the door. Lift the panel off the door and put it in a safe spot until you are ready to reinstall it.

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