How to Replace the Serpentine Belt in a Plymouth Voyager

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Almost all vehicles on the road today have a main drive belt that runs different parts and accessories in the vehicle. The main drive belt is often called the serpentine belt, because it runs through different pulleys to work multiple functions. Replacing a serpentine belt requires knowing a little about the interior of your Plymouth Voyager. As a larger vehicle, its serpentine belt may be hard to access.

Identify the need for a new serpentine belt. Symptoms of excessive wear are squealing or flapping noises. Grooves or cracks in the belt may also mean it needs to be replaced. Checking a serpentine belt regularly helps a Plymouth Voyager owner stay on top of necessary fixes.

Locate the right belt by length and size. Get your Plymouth Voyager's VIN number and look up the belt to make sure you get the right length and model for a replacement.

Find the serpentine belt tensioner. For some models, you can best do this by jacking up the vehicle and removing the right front splash shield. Make sure you can access the belt as it can be hard to find on a large vehicle like the Plymouth Voyager.

Rotate the belt tensioner clockwise to release tension and slip off the old belt. To do this, you may first need to remove the AC belt on some models. The process is the same; release tension and remove the belt.

Install the new serpentine belt by routing the belt onto the various pulleys and then adjusting the tensioner to slip the belt back on.

Run the engine and observe how the belt fits. If there is any shimmying or flapping, the belt may need further adjustment.


  • close This is a general guide as methods for replacement of these drive belts may vary for different Plymouth Voyager models according to model years. Manufacturers sometimes change aspects of a drive belt in different model years.

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