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How to Replace Rotors on a Ford F150

by Gregory Crews

Replacing the rotors on your F-150 is very important on the life of your brakes. This job is best to be done with the replacement of your brake pads. The rotors can be dented or grooved when the caliper has been ran with bare brake pads. When you are replacing your pads you can go ahead and do the full brake job and replace the rotors,bearings and races. You will also have a chance to repack the bearings and this process will improve braking quality. You will notice a quieter and smoother operation from constant braking.

Removing the rotors on a Ford F-150

Jack the front of the F-150 where there is clearance between the ground and the bottom of the tire. Be sure the back wheel is chocked. It does not matter which front tire as you will do both.

Remove the front tire. You can inspect the brake pads and the rotor at this point.

Remove the two bolts holding in the caliper. The bolts will be either torx or allen fittings.

Place the caliper out of the way. Be careful as there is a hydraulic line attached so do not place it to far from the rotor.

Remove the dust cap from the spindle assembly. You will see a lock nut and bearings beyond the dust cap.

Pull the cotter pin from the lock nut with a pair of pliers. You will need to straighten out the bottom of the pin as it will be bent to keep from slipping out.

Back the lock nut out with a wrench or a pair of pliers. The bearing and race should slide right out.

Pull the rotor off the spindle. You may want to clean the spindle as it will be greasy and the race and back bearing may have stuck on it.

Place the new bearings in a tub.The bearings will need to absorb the grease. This is called packing the bearings.

Installing the New Rotor

Pull the larger bearing and race from the grease and place it in the back of the rotor. You will need to tap the wheel seal in the back of the rotor. You can do this with a hammer. be sure to tap it on the back till it is flush with the rotor.

Load the back end of the rotor with lithium grease to keep it lubricated. This will further help pack the bearings.

Slide the rotor back on the spindle. The spindle should slide to the back of the spindle and leave enough room for the bearings and lock nut.

Place the smaller bearings and race along the spindle. Slide all the way till it stops.

Pack the entire front end of the spindle with grease. This will help the packing as well.

Tighten the lock nut back on the spindle until it is snug. Then turn the nut back half a turn.

Slide the cotter pin back through the hole in the lock nut. Separate the bottom of the pin to keep it from slipping out.

Attach the dust cover back on the end of the spindle. This cover will stick on.

Slide the caliper back on the rotor. Be sure to tighten the bolts snug.

Mount the wheel back on the axle. You can lower the jack once the wheel is tightened back on.

Prepare to change out the rotor on the other side. Repeat the steps to replace the other rotor.


  • Be sure to replace any existing washers if any. This will help with the spacing.


  • Be careful as you are working on a vehicle on a jack. Be sure to chock the vehicle and set the parking brake.

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