How to Replace Rear Disc Brakes in a Chrysler Town & Country

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The Chrysler Town & Country rarely comes equipped with rear disc brakes. The few vans that have them were usually modified after purchase. If your Chrysler Town & Country has rear disc brakes, read further to learn how to replace them in a couple of hours or less.

Use a syringe or suction gun to siphon 1/3 to 2/3 of the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir. Empty it into an approved sealed container and properly dispose of it according to your state's regulation.

Raise the rear of the Chrysler Town & Country from the ground with a car jack. Support the van on all sides with jack stands and keep children out of the vicinity when you replace the rear disc brakes.

Loosen the lug nuts of the wheel assemblies with a torque wrench. Remove the wheel and tire assemblies and set them aside face up to prevent damage.

Remove the two caliper guide pin bolts. Rotate the top part of the caliper away from side of the brake rotor and secure it to the frame of the Town & Country with mechanical wire. Pry the outboard brake pad out of the caliper.

Compress the piston into the bore with a large C-clamp to prevent damage to it when removing the inboard brake pads. Pull the inboard brake pad away from the piston until the retainer clip pops free of the piston cavity.

Grease the caliper mating surface and the abutment surfaces with a brake grease. Cover the back of the new inboard and outboard brake pads with an anti-squeal lubricant. Install the new inboard brake pads followed by the outboard brake pads.

Lower the caliper back into position over the rotor. Install the guide pin bolts and torque to 17 foot/pound. Replace the wheels and torque the lug nuts to 100 foot/pound. Lower the Chrysler Town & Country to the ground.

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