How to Replace Rear Coil Springs

by Nathaniel Miller

Coil springs are what keep the wear and tear on your vehicles suspension system to a minimum. They save your shocks by taking some of the force out of bumps and helping your suspension rebound in corners and under load. However, eventually you will need to replace your coil springs (both front and rear). Front coil springs are more complicated than most rear coil springs as in most passenger cars, rear coil springs will be able to be changed at the same time. Simply drop the rear axle, slide the springs out, and install the new springs.

Step 1

Jack the rear of the car up with a car jack on either side of the car. This should allow the front of the car to remain on the ground, while both rear tires are elevated. Remove the lug nuts from the two rear wheels and slide each wheel off of the wheel studs.

Step 2

Use the socket wrench to remove the top mounting nuts of the two rear struts (located in the trunk, directly above the strut). This will allow the rear axle to lower to the floor. Crawl under the car and pull the coil springs out of their mounting brackets.

Step 3

Slide the new coil springs into place and then lift the rear axle so that you can install the mounting nuts to the top of the struts again. Reinstall the rear wheels with the lugnuts and then lower the car off of the jacks.

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