How to Replace the Radio in a Jaguar XJS

by Jezen Thomas

The V12 engine in the Jaguar XJS is an orchestra to most auto enthusiasts' ears, however, on long highway journeys you may be more comfortable listening to music or radio broadcasts, or perhaps you're traveling with children and you wish to pacify them with a movie. The factory shipped stereo unit in the Jaguar XJS suffices for a range of circumstances, but it is best to replace the stereo to make the most of your in-car listening experience.

Step 1

Park the car on a flat surface so it doesn't roll away. Shift the gear selector to first gear.

Step 2

Remove all climate control knobs by simply pulling them away from the dashboard.

Step 3

Remove the rings that surround the climate control knobs. Gently insert a small screwdriver between each ring and the dashboard to pry the rings away, one by one.

Step 4

Pull away the plastic that surrounds the stereo head unit.

Step 5

Remove the climate control faceplate by pulling at it gently and allowing it to fall out of the way.

Step 6

Unscrew the four screws that are situated either side of the stereo head unit holding it in place.

Step 7

Pull the stereo head unit out of the dashboard and disconnect the wire connectors and ground strap.

Step 8

Connect the wires and ground strap to your new radio. Shift the gear selector to park, and start the car to test that the radio is connected properly. Replace the four screws to hold the new radio in place. Shift the gear selector back to first gear so you can reinstall the rest of the dashboard.

Step 9

Replace the climate control faceplate, plastic radio surround, climate control rings and knobs.

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