How to Replace the Fuel Pump in a '96 Chevy S-10

by Chris Moore

Replacing a fuel pump in a 1996 Chevy S-10 pickup is much like replacing one on other models made at the same time. The pump is inside a module that you need to completely replace, and you need to remove the fuel tank from the truck in order to remove and install the pump module. It is best to do this when the truck is low on fuel, but even then you still need to deal with the high pressure within the fuel system.

Removing the Fuel Pump

Open the fuel cap on the side. Place a drain pan on the ground under the fuel filter. Wrap shop towels around the fuel lines near the filter. Disconnect the fuel line with a wrench to relieve the fuel pressure.

Disconnect the truck's negative battery cable using a wrench on the black cable's clamp nut.

Raise the truck's rear end using a floor jack. Lower the truck onto jack stands positioned under the frame rails. Unbolt and remove the fuel tank's heat shield using the socket wrench.

Disconnect the filler and vapor hoses from the fuel tank, using a screwdriver to loosen the hose clamps.

Disconnect the fuel lines from the tank at the fuel pump flange. Grasp the stationary fitting of each line with one open-ended wrench and unscrew the other fitting with another wrench.

Raise the floor jack with a piece of wood atop it to balance the tank from underneath it. Remove the bolts for the tank's support straps with the wrench. Lower the tank with the jack. Disconnect the fuel pump wires.

Tap the locking ring on the pump flange with a brass punch or wood dowel---never use a steel punch---to loosen and remove the ring. Lift the fuel pump assembly out of the tank.

Installing the Fuel Pump

Insert and lower the new fuel pump assembly into the fuel tank. Be careful not to damage the float mechanism that reads the fuel level or the small sock-like filter.

Attach the locking ring back onto the tank and the pump flange, lining the ring's tabs with the grooves near the opening. Tap the ring into a locked position using your dowel or punch.

Place the fuel tank onto the floor jack and raise it into position. Strap it onto the truck using the strap bolts.

Reattach the electrical connector and the fuel lines to the pump flange. Reconnect the filler/vent hoses to the tank.

Raise the S-10 above the jack stands using the floor jack. Remove the jack stands and lower the truck to the ground.

Reconnect the fuel lines to the fuel filter.

Reconnect the battery cable.


  • check Siphon out as much fuel as possible beforehand if the tank is not nearly empty, depositing it into a gas can and refilling the tank afterward. Use a vacuum-based siphon kit; never try siphoning it out by mouth.

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