How to Replace Motor Mounts on a Camry

by Robert Good

The motor mounts on a Toyota Camry are at the bottom of the engine between the engine and the frame. The are motor mounts on the right and left front and motor mounts at the right and left rear of the engine. Motor mounts are rubber supports that mount the engine to the frame and keep the engine from moving around while you are driving the Toyota Camry.

Step 1

Drive the front end of the Toyota Camry onto two lift ramps and apply the parking brake to keep the Camry from moving while you are working.

Step 2

Place the floor jack under the engine. Raise the floor jack up to the bottom of the engine. Use the floor jack to slightly raise the engine to take weight off of the motor mounts.

Step 3

Get under the Camry and locate the motor mounts. Use the ratchet set to remove the metal bolt in the center of the motor mounts.

Step 4

Pull the metal bolt from the motor mounts. Pull the motor mounts out of the fitting. Clean out any debris from the fitting with your hand.

Step 5

Insert the new motor mounts into the fitting. Insert the metal bolts into the center of the new motor mounts. Tighten the new motors mount using the ratchet set.

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