How to Replace a Mercedes Fuel Pump

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Replacing the fuel pump on any car is a do-it-yourself repair for someone with a bit of experience in basic car repair. Make sure you have a good repair manual handy for your particular Mercedes and the help of a friend before you get started. Read on to learn how to replace a Mercedes fuel pump.

Remove the fuel lines from the fuel pump by loosening the nut connected to the fuel pump and the one connected to the fuel line.

Unscrew the hex cap screws that attach the fuel pump to the rest of the car. You don't have to remove them, just make sure they're loose.

Pull up on the fuel pump lightly to remove. Pour any fuel remaining in the fuel pump into a container for recycling.

Clean away any grease or gunk around the edges of the mounting surface. Left over grease and grime will keep the new fuel pump from attaching correctly.

Install new gaskets on the fuel pump mounting surface before installing the new fuel pump.

Push up on the new fuel pump to attach it to the mounting surface.

Reattach the two fuel lines to the new fuel pump. Turn the key and pump the gas pedal a few times. It may take several tries to get the fuel flowing through the new fuel pump.


  • check Put a bucket underneath the fuel pump before removing to catch any gas that spills out.
  • check Pack the hollow space between the fuel feed pump and the jointing flange with grease before finishing assembly.

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