How to Replace the Instrument Light in a 2002 Ford Ranger

by Daniel Valladares
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The Ford Ranger is a line of pickup trucks produced by Ford Motor Co. since 1983. The 2002 model of the Ford Ranger is a part of the fourth-generation Rangers. These steps apply for all fourth-generation Rangers. Replacing the instrument lights on your Ranger requires the removal of the dashboard itself on the driver's side. The 2002 Ford Ranger uses 164-type bulbs for its dash lights. You should replace all the bulbs at the same time. That way you won't have to replace the bulbs again for a while.

Step 1

Turn off the engine and remove the two bolts under the radio trim using a socket wrench.

Step 2

Remove the three bolts from above the instrument panel using the socket wrench. Remove the four bolts under the dash by using the socket wrench. These bolts are located behind the pedals. Once removed, you will be able to pull off the lower kick panel on the driver's side panel.

Step 3

Remove the two bolts under the steering wheel and pull the steel plate down.

Step 4

Pull the radio trim out of the vehicle and unplug the electrical connector of the radio and the electrical connector of the cigarette lighters.

Step 5

Remove the dash around the instrument panel. There is a cover about the instrument panel and two panels to the sides of the instrument panel. These will pop right out.

Step 6

Remove the four bolts securing the instrument panel into the Ford Ranger. Disconnect the electrical connector and pull the Ranger's instrument panel out of the vehicle.

Step 7

Remove the seven screws on the instrument panel using a Phillips screwdriver and pull the instrument panel apart. The underside of the front panel contains the bulbs.

Step 8

Rotate any burned-out bulbs counterclockwise to remove them, and install new bulbs by rotating them clockwise. Reinstall the instrument panel and dashboard in the reverse order of removal.

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