How to Replace a Keyless Entry Remote

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Honk, honk! That's a familiar sound to many of us who are used to utilizing a keyless remote entry system on our vehicles. As we prepare to get into our vehicles, it's an easy click of a button that unlocks the car. However, it's quite an inconvenience when we need to replace a keyless entry remote.

Check to see if your vehicle includes remote keyless entry as a feature. If you've just purchased a used car and the remotes didn't come along with it, determine if the car is equipped with the function.

Determine the make, model and year of your vehicle. This information is essential to acquiring the correct kind of keyless entry remote. If you don't know this information, you can acquire the information from your title, your insurance cards or your maintenance book sold with your car.

Write down the Vehicle Identification Number. There are a couple of places to find your VIN. You can look near the bottom base of your windshield on your car for a label right inside the hood area which lists a long number. This is your VIN. Additionally, your insurance card should list your VIN.

Go to the dealership that sells your type of vehicle. Give them your vehicle information, and they should be able to order your remote.

Test your new remote. Before leaving your key inside the vehicle, try to lock and unlock your car using your remote.

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