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How to Replace the Ignition Coil in a VW Jetta

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The VW Jetta relies on a distributorless ignition system (DIS). In this type of system, the Jetta ignition coil, which boosts power from the battery to create combustion, mounts directly to the cylinder head. If you have a damaged ignition coil, you may experience oil leaks, fast or irregular idle, stalling or the inability to start the car.

Step 1

Remove the ground battery cable from the negative terminal battery post. This prevents sparks, which can cause an engine fire, when metal tools make contact with the engine. Also, set your emergency brake.

Step 2

Determine which type engine you have. The 1.8L (AWD), 1.8L (Aww and Awp) and the 2.8L (Bdf) require slight variation in the replacement process.

Step 3

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the engine cover in place. Then lift off the cover.

Step 4

Expose the Jetta ignition coil. On a 1.8L (AWD) engine, you need to remove the recirculating valve and the secondary air inlet valve and their mounting systems. For the 1.8L (Aww and Awp) engine, you take off the hex nut and vacuum reservoir. The 2.8L (Bdf) engine doesn't require the removal of additional components.

Step 5

Unscrew the retainers securing the Jetta ignition coil.

Step 6

Separate the old ignition coil from the cylinder head. On the 2.8L (Bdf) engine, use Puller T10095 to release the Jetta ignition coil. You may need to twist the ignition coil to break the seal between the parts.

Reassemble the components that you removed.


  • Write down the radio code before you discount the battery, if your model uses one.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Jetta ignition coil
  • Puller 10095, for 2.8L (Bdf) engines

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