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How to Replace the Ignition Coil in a Mazda6

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The ignition coil in a Mazda6 converts low-voltage power from the battery into a high-voltage spark to trigger the spark plugs. A damaged Mazda6 ignition coil may cause an oil leak, irregular idle, stalling or fail to turn-over the engine. The distributorless ignition system (DIS) in the Mazda6 means you'll find the ignition coil bolted directly to the engine.

Put your safety first. Mazda recommends you disconnect the negative battery cable and set your emergency brake any time you do work on your car.

Pop the hood and locate the plug hole plate. You need to remove it to access the Mazda6 ignition coil. You should be able to lift the plate off.

Determine whether you have a turbocharger on your engine. The 3.0L (Aj) and the Mazdaspeed6 engines both use a turbocharge, while the 2.3L (L3) engine doesn't. If you have a turbocharger equipped, take off the charge air cooler.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the Mazda6 ignition coil. You may need to release a lock by pressing down on a clip or squeezing the electrical connector.

Remove the damaged ignition coil and replace it with a universal or stock replacement ignition coil.

Reconnect the electrical connector and tighten the fasteners with a torque wrench to 54 inch pounds.

Put the plug hole plate back on and reconnect the battery.

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